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Founded by Ed Muzio in 2004, Group Harmonics has helped many organizations produce higher output, lower stress, and sustainable growth through the installation of simple, practical, and useful behavioral patterns. Originally educated as an engineer from Cornell University, Ed uses an analytical, research-based approach for solving common workplace challenges.

Technology, health care, and legal fields share the quality of having to constantly reconcile a host of factors, from changing dynamics, to emerging products, services, and customer requirements. Actually, anyone managing projects in nearly any field can relate. Learning to produce high output with low stress may seem impossible, but it’s not.

Since it’s been proven that adults learn best through hands-on experience, Ed insists on combining analysis with action. The result: seminars and presentations that are interactive, personalized and fast-paced, with tangible take-aways.

CNN, The Washington Post and CBS – among others – look to Ed Muzio as an expert on business culture. And for good reason. His books have received the ISPI “Award of Excellence”, an accolade which only goes to work that is research and evidence-based.

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