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Change-ABLE Organization

Change-ABLE Organization
Key Management Practices for Speed and Flexibility

by William R. Daniels, John G. Mathers

Organization leaders at all levels in today's fast-paced business world are searching for management skills to sustain consistent and dramatic growth.  This book describes a uniquely effective, integrated, and pragmatic system of five management practices, which has been used in large and small computer, clothing, government, and telecommunications settings.  For those investigating a complete management system, Change-ABLE Organization guides the way.



"As turnaround CEO at Genesco, I believe the processes and procedures outlined in this book allowed us to achieve results which exceeded our expectations and most certainly surprised Wall Street.  This process for focused management and feedback was exactly what we needed to get up and get moving in an effective and fast manner.  The results speak for themselves." 
--David M. Chamberlain, Genesco

"This book contains many valuable tools for managers to improve the performance of their organizations.  I highly recommend it for managers at all levels."
--Youssef El-Many, Director, Intel Corporation

"This book is experience-based, straightforward, and is an excellent source for those needing to change an organization."
--J.B. Woods, Senior Vice President, Bank of America NT&SA Advisory Services