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Four Secrets to Liking Your Work: You May Not Need to Quit...

Four Secrets to Liking Your Work:
You May Not Need to Quit to Get the Job You Want

by Edward G. Muzio - Deborah J. Fisher, PhD - Erv Thomas, PE
Financial Times Press, February 2008

Winner of the International Society for Performance Improvement 2008 Award of Excellence

More than three quarters of US workers are looking for a new job, because they don't like what they do. And the problem isn't limited to the US, although that's where it may be the worst.

Imagine a room filled with 10 of your coworkers. Whatever they do and whatever their rank, odds are that seven of them don’t like their jobs. Do you know which ones? Are you one of them? In fact, studies suggest that one of those 10 is actively working against the company. If you are trying to be productive, that person is actively working against you too. This trend is terrible! It's detrimental to the people doing the work they hate, and disruptive for the companies they work for. It's damaging to the families and children of the unhappy workforce, and counterproductive for the economy as a whole. It's even bad for the contented minority who like their jobs, because they are surrounded by miserable coworkers and "misery loves company."

Start the Solution! This is not a stop-whining-fast program inflicted on you by someone else. It's also not a program of denial, closing your eyes and imagining a better world. Liking Your Work is about you doing what you can to make your work life better. Imagine for a moment that you looked forward to going to work. Imagine work that was fun, engaging, and felt more like recreation and less like…well, work! Imagine thinking, “I can’t believe I get paid for this.”