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Make Work Great: Online Learning

Make Work Great is an online course in which you’ll learn and practice key behaviors – behaviors to reduce your stress, increase your output, and improve the culture of your work group – directly from Ed Muzio, the author of the award-winning book of the same name.  In addition, you’ll receive feedback on how your behaviors are currently perceived in the workplace, and you’ll make an action plan to make your life easier – and make your work great, starting right where you are.

Watch the first video in the series:

Your enrollment also includes access to the Behavioral and Cultural Pattern Inventory.  The “BCPI” is a statistically validated assessment that measures your own workplace behaviors and compares them to those proven to produce higher output, lower stress, and sustainable growth at work.  Your customized BCPI results will include qualitative plots, information regarding the implications of your scores, and access to additional developmental material.  The BCPI comes in two versions, the self-only version, and the 360-degree version.

The 360-degree version of the BCPI incorporates feedback from supervisor(s), peers, direct reports, and others, to build a more complete picture of your workplace behaviors - provided that you request this feedback, and that the recipients of your requests provide it.  360 degree feedback adds insights into strengths or blind spots of which you wouldn't otherwise be aware, and allows for more accurate and thorough development planning.  Both peer and direct report feedback are aggregated to preserve anonymity, which increases feedback accuracy.

The self-only version of the BCPI allows for an individual snapshot of your own perceptions of your behaviors, enabling you to immediately start leveraging your strengths and planning your development areas, at a lower cost and with less up-front work.